Dune Bashing in Hummer, a “must have” thing for Abu Dhabi tourists

The gigantic dunes in the vast desert Al Khateem offer thrilling games and activities that attract adventure lovers. Sand skiing, sand boarding, quad biking bring a chance to test the nerves. The excitement of Desert Safari gets manifold when you travel there in Hummer, one of the most favorite vehicles. Yes, many tour operators offer private and personalized Desert Safari options (subject to the availability of the vehicles).

What is dune bashing?

Dune bashing hummer safari cost: AED 1500 (01 - 04 PAX), AED 1900 (05 - 06PAX)

Evening desert safari with hummer costs: AED 2200 (01 - 04 PAX), AED 2500 (05 - 06PAX)

Morning safari - Hummer: 1500 AED for one to four PAX and 1900 AED for five to six PAX. 

Overnight safari costs 2700 AED for 4 PAX and 3100 AED for five to six PAX

Dune Bashing is nothing but enjoying the thrill of going up and down on the gigantic sand dunes. There are huge sand dunes in the desert of Al Khateem (some of them are more than 250 meters high). Of course, you will enjoy dune bashing experience on small, approachable dunes. Though the activity is part of all Desert Safari tours, you can choose only Dune Bashing and return to Abu Dhabi in case of the time scarcity.
The tour starts at 3 PM from Abu Dhabi. If you are hiring a Hummer for a private tour, then you will be picked up from the hotel. Ride the best 4-wheel drive vehicle Hummer and travel an hour to reach Al Khateem desert. The journey is quite exciting and thrilling. Since the road is one of the best in the world and the vehicle is Hummer, speed is not an issue at all.
Here are the dunes!
After one hour (roughly), you see the first glimpses of gigantic sand dunes. The sight is simply spectacular and overwhelming. You get down from the car and feel the vastness of the barren desert. Get refreshed with chilled water and cold drinks and enjoy 45 minutes of exciting dune bashing. Some tour operators offer 90 minutes of bashing session by charging more. However, it depends on you, how much time you want to spend there. Adventurous guys pick the second option because they want to have sand biking, quad biking, and dune buggy experience. If you are a moderately sporty guy, then a quick 45 minutes bashing is sufficient for you.

You can also book Hummer for other Safari excursions

Tour operators have a bouquet of choices when you search for Desert Safari tours. Right from a half-day quick excursion to overnight safari, there are several shades of it. Experts say that one must try the Hummer Morning Safari if the pocket permits. Since you travel in a luxurious private Hummer, the tour is a little bit expensive. However, the ultimate Safari Tour will give you lifetime enjoyable memories. Tours are available subject to the availability of vehicles, though.              
Overnight Safari, Main attractions are Dune Bashing (45 minutes), camel farming, camel breeding. Great Arabic hospitality and stupendous meals with traditional Arabic drinks and snacks make it a memorable tour. Have a superb fun overnight and come back to Abu Dhabi in the morning.


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