SAND SKIING or SAND BOARDING - Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

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You might be stunned at the unending fun and adventure options when on a desert safari. This is definitely way too much when compared to any other desert in the world. Outstanding facilities, customer centric service and professionalism have together made it possible. That is the reason international travellers aptly come to us at Nuzhath Ideas for an all comprising package.

Amongst the numerous ready to explore adventures here, sand skiing is definitely one you just cannot omit. Now this is a certainly rare experience and never similar to the usual ice skiing you might have done when in colder regions of the world. So be ready to feel the peaks of excitement in desert. All we want you is to focus on your thrill, while Nuzhath Ideas meticulously takes care of every single need for your safety and comfort.

Add tasty Arabian dishes and entertaining to it, and you are destined to away distinct memoirs from the safari!

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