1. what to wear on desert safari? / How to dress for desert safari? Anything loose and light is recommended. During winter light jacket will be a good option. Always good to have sunglass as it also protects from sand. Avoid expensive Jewelleries. Also please avaoid using sandals. Use shoes or socks to walk. Know More
2. where is desert safari? At Abu Dhabi there are two deserts that operates safari. One is Al Khateem where usual desert safari's like evening, morning, overnight occurs. Second one is an adventorous desert LIWA very high dunes. This option is expensive than first
3. where to go for desert safari in Abu Dhabi? As we mentioned in second question, it depends on customers taste.
4. where is the desert in the safari zone? Please visit our contact us page for route map of Al Khateem desert camp
5. What is the best desert safari in Abu Dhabi? As per each person likes, it varies. Evening safari is most popular one.
6. How to book desert safari in Abu Dhabi? You can either call to 00971509660720 or email at uaetour2020@gmail.com and you will get safari details by email. You can email your booking details, Nmae, Contact number, Number of persons, Package selected, Exact date, Pickup location and the booking will be done very soon!!!
7. How much does the desert safari in Abu Dhabi cost? Visit price table at home page
8. Is the pickup time at 3 PM always for evening desert safari? It keeps on changing from a range of 2.45 pm to 5pm depending on sunset time.

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